by Mountain of a Man

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These songs are a project created by Peter Nemanich & Erik Moore to express our displeasure in a few aspects of society. Through these songs we have explored a lot of negative things that have become the norm around us, but we always hold out hope for mankind.


released March 6, 2013

Pete creates the music.
Erik screams the words.
Lyrics and arrangements were constructed collaboratively between the two. Erik drew artwork for the songs too.
This album cost nothing but time to make... so it shall cost nothing but time to listen to!



all rights reserved


Mountain of a Man Seattle, Washington

Two dudes angry at the world & making music to feel better about it.

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Track Name: Graybeard
Graybeard consume
Graybeard will conquer us all
His beard won't stop
His beard won't stop growing
It won't stop

I have been consumed by his beard
There's no escaping his reach
I'm trapped

I can't go back

I am graybeard
Graybeard is me
Track Name: Godhead
I'm alive - I'm the all knowing
I'm alive - Look into my 3rd eye
I'm complete
I know this world deep inside
I can see all you'll be

At my core is the creator
In my heart is the ultimate decider
Imagine the heavens within
To control the power inside us

I am whole - I cannot be swayed
I have seen - My true self has been born
I'm am god
I can feel it now
I'm awake
Darkness has clouded me

All I've seen has become nothingness
No great truth
I've created a wall
I've created these walls

I found hell - utter damnation
In the black of my deserted soul
Divinity - the search for truth
Is not within but with human interaction

Lost cause deep within me
Clear failure at the truth
I've found something real
Our bond is pure
Track Name: Complex
Stockholm syndrome is a disease and we all have it
Defending an institution with age old habits
Why must we preserve this fear and hate?
Time to evolve before it's too late

We all have a complex down inside
The scars run deep
The system seems fine
Distorted values is what it provides
The cycle repeats
Are you alive?

How can we live when we're down on 2 knees
hoping for change from a system diseased?
Live to repeat a constant decay
My child won't meet yours living lives unchained

They're not out to get us
They're just sicker than most
Another victim of this cruel hoax
Hold out for one day when hope shines through
Someday we'll witness the final truth


This time we'll see
This time you'll see
This time we'll look a little closer
We'll see that we are bound together
This time when you feel the dire
We'll see we must care for eachother now

This time we'll see
We are the complex
Track Name: Savage
In this concrete jungle there is no instinct, clarity, or freedom
In this concrete jungle there is no serenity, beauty... no majesty

I can find no calm
I see greed

Lakes of fluorescence
Billboard forests
Empire of lies
Endless numbers
Mountainous towers
Man-made mistake

I can find no calm
I see greed

Savages gnawing at the land that provides
The human animal destroys home
Savages clawing with the hands that decide
The human animal has nowhere to go
Savages gnawing at the land that provides
The human animal destroys home
Savages clawing with the hands that decide
The human animal has no place to go...

I walk on blades of grass
I run under limbs... these trees
And I gaze at vast horizons stretched out
And in an endless sea I drift
I look back and think
I look back and think...

Am I that man who will stand out?
It would take a mountain of a man to right these wrongs